AIRBUS HELICOPTERS INDUSTRIES, inaugurated in 2016, is a 10.000sqm factory based in Brasov, aiming at the manufacturing of the H215/H215M type helicopter, ensuring full services, from procurement to after-sales.

The new plant could assemble both versions of the H215/H215M type helicopter, providing jobs to more than 300 employees and offering a new business and industrial concept for this ready, proven and affordable helicopter.

The H215/H215M, derived from Airbus’ mission-proven Super Puma family, is a heavy-weight two-engine helicopter with outstanding performance.

Both EASA and FAA certified, the H215 is equipped with the latest, most modern technologies to provide first class flight envelope protection, unrivalled precision, and stability in even the harshest operating conditions.

The H215 is available in two different versions for the performance best-suited to customer needs - one tailored for multi-role operations and the other with a shorter cabin airframe and an increased payload for aerial work or utility duties. It can also be adapted to multiple configurations, for commercial passenger transport and offshore operations, troop transport, search and rescue (SAR), medical evacuation (Medevac) or casualty evacuation (Casevac).

The H215M is a combat-proven and affordable multi-role medium-heavy helicopter, combining the Cougar and Super Puma family’s proven ruggedness with the H225M’s full glass cockpit, autopilot, and avionics.

The H215M offers exceptional range and endurance of over 600 NM or six hours that can be extended by hover in-flight refueling (HIFR). It can be operated in all-weather including in icing conditions, and offers high mission efficiency thanks to its quick start-up procedure (around five minutes) and speed.
It accommodates a variety of armament, and serves as a hefty transporter – able to lift 4.5 tones on a sling. Thanks to a long fuselage that provides additional volume, the H215M is reliable, rapid and highly maneuverable – backed by excellent power reserves from its two Makila 1A1 turboshaft engines.

The H215M has competitive operating and maintenance costs, and the ability to be easily deployed and armed for ground attack and support missions: tactical transport, utility, casualty evacuation, search and rescue (SAR) and combat search and rescue (CSAR), fire support.

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