AEROFINA S.A - research, production and testing of
military and civilian equipment

SC Aerofina SA develops research and design,
production, testing and evaluation, maintenance and
integrated customer support for:

  • Devices, equipment, life-saving appliances and
    pyrotechnical devices for military, aerospace,
    terrestrial and naval systems. It participates in all
    major aviation programs: IAR 330 PUMA, IAR 330
    PUMA SOCAT, IAR 316, MiG 21 LANCER, IAR 99, and
    IAR 99 SOIM.
  • Structural elements and equipment for rolling stock
    and railway infrastructure.

General objectives:

  • Developing and validating products, processes, and
    new methods;
  • Managing serial production and in-service support;
  • Technological research and development in
    accordance with the market requirements;
  • Preparing the future: staff and capabilities.

The Quality Management System has been certified
by AEROQ (Accredited Body for Quality System
Certification) as well as by OMCAS (Military Body for
Certification and Surveillance).

  • Romanian Ministry of Defence
  • Romanian Intelligence Service
  • SC AVIOANE Craiova SA
  • SC IAR SA Brasov
  • SC Turbomecanica SA
  • Elbit Systems Ltd.
  • QINETOQ Target Systems
  • Data Memory Recording and Acquisition system SAIMS for MIG 21 LANCER, IAR 99 Std, IAR 99 SOIM IAR 330 PUMA SOCAT

  • Ejection seat type SCHV-0 for IAR 93, IAR 99 Std, IAR 99 SOIM
  • Launcher LM52 - M2 for MIG 21 LANCER
  • Electronic module for electronic fuze type ETF-1MT for illuminating bombs caliber 81, 82 and 120 mm
  • Electronic impact fuses for explosive bombs caliber 81 and 120 mm
  • Ammunition caliber 20 mm type TP, FAP
  • Quality Management System: SR EN ISO 9001:2008

  • The Quality Management System has been certified by AEROQ as well as by OMCAS as Representative of the Ministry of National Defense.

  • AEROFINA is one of the companies from National Military Industry authorized by Ministry of Economy, according to law 232/2016.

Contact information:
  • Address: Sos. Fabrica de Glucoza nr. 2-4, Bucharest, Sector 2, 020332, Romania

  • Phone: (+40) 21-242.0772

  • Website: