Founded in 1985, under the name of Scientific Research and Technological engineering Center for Aviation Engines, COMOTI has become in 1996 the Romanian Research and Development Institute for Gas Turbines.

COMOTI - Romanian R&D Institute for Gas Turbines is the only specialized unit in Romania that integrates scientific research, design, production, experimentation, testing, technology transfer and innovation in aviation turbine engines, industrial gas turbine engines and highspeed palette machines.

COMOTI operates in 4 areas:

  • Aviation and Space
  • Energy and saving energy
  • Environment
  • Defense

Main research directions:

  • Aviation turbines;

  • Increasing thermal efficiency and emissions reduction produced by gas turbine engines, including new types of turbine fuel, cogeneration, unconventional energy, improving energy efficiency for natural gas compression systems;

  • Environmental protection, including noise reduction in aviation turbines and industrial turbines, waste water treatment plants, aeration systems for the biological treatment of waste water.

  • Defense and National Security by designing, developing and testing new naval propulsion systems dedicated to Romanian Navy frigates.

Aviation and Space

  • ESA – European Space Agency
  • ROSA – Romanian Space Agency
  • Ministerul Cercetării şi Inovării
  • Airbus Defence and Space
  • Safran Aircraft Engines – France
  • Safran Helicopter Engines – France
  • Onera – France
  • DLR – Germany
  • MT Aerospace - Germany
  • Centre Spatial de Liege – Belgium

Energy and saving energy

  • Pratt & Whitney – USA and Canada
  • MAN Diesel Turbo – Germany
  • MND – Czech Republic
  • Linde Gas – Hungary
  • Citz University London – Great Britan
  • OMV Petrom – Romania
  • TRANSGAZ – Romania


  • Compania de Apă Târgovişte – Dâmboviţa
  • ACETI SA – Slatina


  • Ministry of National Defense


  • Screw compressors (Energy)
  • Natural gas compression equipments (Energy)
  • Centrifugal air compressor (Energy)
  • Supercharger set for natural gas (Energy)
  • Electrical centrifugal gas compressor (Energy)
  • Cogeneration power plants with gas turbines (Energy)
  • Power plants groups with gas turbines (Energy)
  • Centrifugal blowers for wastewater treatment stations (Environments)
  • Silencers (Environments)
  • Sound bariers and soundproofing material structures (Environments)


  • Design, 3D modelling and numerical simulations (Aviation and Space)
  • Blade parts design with composite materials (Aviation and Space)
  • Prototypes and small series production of blade parts (Aviation and Space)
  • Functional tests of gas turbines and other assemblies (Aviation and Space)
  • 3D inspections, validations and mechanical testing (Aviation and Space)
  • FEM – thermal, stress and vibration calculus (Aviation and Space)
  • Technological development and mechanical equipment manufacturing (Aviation and Space)
  • Design, manufacturing and testing of subassemblies and parts made of composite materials
  • Design, 3D modelling and numerical simulations (Energy)
  • Automation of energetic groups, general revisions (Energy)
  • Dynamic balancing, inspections and oil analysis (Energy)
  • Functional tests of compressors and other assemblies (Energy)
  • Noise and vibration measurements (Environments)
  • Noise mapping (Environments)
  • Gas emission measurements (Environments)
  • Air quality measurements (Environments)
  • Atmospheric dispersion prediction (Environments)

COMOTI is working according to a certified quality assurance system, in conformity with SR EN ISO 9001-2000, guided by the Total Quality Management theory.

AEROQ quality system – certified according to SR EN ISO 9001:2015, SR EN ISO 14001:2015, SR ISO 45001:2018; SRN EN ISO/IEC 27001:2018;

Innovation Management System (SR 13572 : 2016)

Authorized supplier for Ministry of National Defense (OMCAS - 02.01 and SR EN ISO 9001);

AtEx certified by INSEMEX Petrosani (INSEMEX-OEX.ATEX.17.0806)

OMV PETROM – authorized supplier for products and services.

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