• Together for the future of Romania’s helicopters industry

    Romania’s strategic decision to allocate 2,5% of the GDP to defense is a great opportunity for the local defense industry to revitalize, as well as for the Armed Forces to be equipped with modern military assets and upgrade its capabilities according to current security challenges.
    The local helicopters industry is, in this context, at the daybreak of a new stage which could lay the grounds of a promising future.
    In order to capitalize efficiently the capabilities, resources and know-how and to perform better under the current competition environment, Airbus, a historic partner of Romania, invited top industry players to join forces and create the Romanian Helicopters’ Industry Association (ARIE). The association has as launching members: Aerofina, Aeroteh, Airbus Helicopters Romania, Romanian R&D Institute for Gas Turbines-COMOTI, IAR and Turbomecanica.
    ARIE’s core objective is to drive the industry’s consolidation and development through access at modern technology and the international market.


Promoting and supporting programs developed within the helicopter industry

Continuously promoting helicopter quality improvement and flight safety

Sharing the best practices and information on common issues between members

Disseminating information on achievements and latest developments in the field of helicopter industry

Organizing meetings, events, conferences, exhibitions related to the helicopter industry

Growing enhanced cooperation and underpinning the helicopter industry needs towards the regulatory authorities and other similar associations and organizations