With over 45 years of excellence in aeronautics, Turbomecanica is the strategic partner of the Romanian Defence Industry, being the only national supplier of MRO services market for aero-engines and mechanical assemblies dedicated to PUMA SA 330 L helicopters and IAR 99 Soim trainer fleet. All these services are provided to our internal customers: the Romanian Ministry of Defence (Romanian Air Forces Staff and Naval Forces Staff) and the Romanian Secret Services. It is also recognized as a traditional partner and supplier for IAR Brasov (PUMA helicopter manufacturer). Later on, Turbomecanica has extended its activity and took part in several major upgrading aviation programs dedicated to IAR 330 mechanical assemblies – PUMA helicopters (SOCAT, NATO, SAR, ȘOIM programs). Turbomecanica has the necessary flexibility and capability to meet any request launched by the Romania Military & Defense Aviation.

In the past 30 years, Turbomecanica has consolidated its position on the international aviation market as a long-term trusted partner and it has continuously extended its cooperation programs with big names of the aviation industry. Leonardo Helicopters Italy is one of the long-term business partners for which the company delivers a completely in-house manufactured and tested TGB - tail gearbox under EASA Parts 21G Certification, as well as MGB - main gearbox components.

Due to its international certified quality assurance system and special processes, Turbomecanica participates on the international market as a supplier of high complexity engine components for Rolls Royce aviation, part of TRENT 700, TRENT 900, business jet programs, and components dedicated to CFM 56 engines in cooperation with Unison.

Furthermore, the company has developed partnerships on the international energy market acting as a reliable supplier for General Electric by manufacturing gas turbine components.

With passion and confidence, Turbomecanica continues the process of development and innovation. By expanding its activity in the field of civil aviation, it aims to become, in a few years, an important hub on the MRO market in Central and Eastern Europe. The company is already following an intense program of training and expansion of MRO capability, aiming to deliver by 2022 the first complete MRO service for civil aviation engines under EASA 145 certification.

Pursuing the same path of developing its national capabilities, Turomecanica is in the process of receiving the European Military Airworthiness Ceritifcation EMAR 21 and EMAR 145 aiming to allign both civil and military activities to the intenational Airwothiness Standards.

Turbomecanica is a corporation listed at Bucharest Stock Exchange since 1997.

Civil Aviation:

  • Leonardo Helicopters
  • Rolls-Royce
  • General Electric - GE AVIATION (GE 90 – Ge NX)
  • General Electric - AVIO AERO
  • PZL Swidnik
  • Witzenmann
  • Boeing Distribution, Inc. (AVIALL Services)
  • Unison Engine Components Bucharest SA

Military Defense Aviation:

  • I.A.R. Ghimbav (PUMA IAR 330L helicopter`s manufacturer)
  • Romanian Ministry of Defence (MOD)
  • Romanian Air Forces (RoAF)
  • Romanian Naval Forces (RoNF)
  • Romanian Secret Services (SRI)

Energy and other sectors:

  • GE Energy Products
  • GE Hungary KFT – Power & Water
  • GE Power Components Co Ltd
  • GE Greenville

Turbomecanica is primarily engaged in the MRO services with regards to engine and helicopter assemblies, including gearbox (main, intermediate, tail), main rotor head and transmission shafts. As a component supplier the part portfolio includes: turbines and compressor casings, spinners, covers, chambers, compressor discs, rings, diaphragms, shafts, couplings, nuts, combustion cans, turbine nozzle guide vanes, gears, bevel gears, gearboxes, welded parts - among others.

Given the fact that MRO is Turbomecanica’s main activity, as a component supplier, the Company is able to provide a unique mix of internationally certified capabilities which contribute to the complete in-house manufacturing of any part or assembly included in an engine or in a small or medium transmission gearbox.

The machining capabilities and special processes for metal heat treatment and surface coating enables Turbomecanica to provide complete MRO services.

The Company also produces high-tech components and equipment used in power generating systems, medical and military applications.

Quality Management and Environmental Management Systems at Turbomecanica meet the requirements and are certified according to ISO 9001:2015; AS EN 9100: 2018 and ISO 14001:2015. Special processes are certified by NADCAP and approved by our customers.

Turbomecanica is also certified by the Romanian Civil Aeronautic Authority in conformity with the regulation EC 748/2012 Part 21G. The company is authorized to manufacture components and mechanical assemblies for AW109/AW119 Leonardo civil helicopters.

Currently, Turbomecanica undergoes a certification process for EASA Part 145, EMAR 21 & EMAR 145 adapting continuously to market needs and changes.

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