AEROTEH SA is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment in Romania for the aviation industry and one of the manufacturers of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment with a high degree of complexity and applicability in top industrial fields.

It also manufactures performance equipment for natural gas distribution, measurement and control systems for domestic and industrial consumers.

AEROTEH SA was one of the first companies established after 1989, now with a privately owned Romanian capital, which ranks among the medium-sized companies in Romania.

  • Romanian Ministry of Defence
  • Romanian Intelligence Service
  • SC AVIOANE Craiova SA
  • IAR Brașov
  • Design, development, production / repair, assembly, service and marketing for: hydraulic and pneumatic equipment used in control and navigation systems of aircraft and aviation engines;
  • Complex equipment from natural gas distribution, transport, extraction, measuring and control systems;
  • Testing and checking stands for equipment in the field of aviation and natural gas distribution

Integrated Management System:

  • SR EN/ISO 9001/2015
  • SR EN/ISO 14001/2015
  • SR OHSAS 18001:2008
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