In 1970, IAR S.A. became the sole manufacturer of civil and military helicopters in Romania and, as of 1978, it has remained the world's sole manufacturer of the military version of the PUMA helicopter.

IAR S.A. produced and delivered over 360 Alouette III and Puma helicopters under Aerospatiale license (Airbus), 830 gliders and motor-gliders and 136 light aircraft in its own conception.

Nowadays, IAR S.A. Braşov is a specialized unit for maintenance, repairs, capital repairs and upgrades of Puma and Alouette III helicopters as well as for the production of H215M helicopters in partnership with AIRBUS HELICOPTERS.

IAR is listed on the at Bucharest Stock Exchange.

  • Romanian MoD. (Romanian Air Force and Navy)
  • Romanian Intelligence Service
  • Romanian Ministry of Internal Affares
  • Eurocopter (Airbus Helicopters)
  • Denel – South Africa
  • UAE MoD
  • Pakistan Army
  • Ivory Coast Ministry of Defense
  • Lebanese Air Forces
  • Royal Air Force Oman
  • Design, manufacture, repair and up-grade a wide range of aircraft: forPuma & Alouette III helicopters
  • Upgrade programs, revisions, overhauls, flight tests
  • After Sale Services: maintenance, spare parts & replacements, technical services & assistance, training
  • Quality Management System is certified according to SR EN ISO 9001 și SR EN 9100 Aerospatiale Series by AEROQ organization.
  • IAR S.A. is certified as production organization in compliance with Annex (Part 21) Section A, Subpart G of Regulation (EC) No. 748/2012 by Romanian Civil Airworthiness AUthority.
  • IAR S.A. is certified as maintenance organization in compliance with Section A of Annex II (Part 145) of Regulation (EC) No. 1321/2014 by Romanian Civil Airworthiness Authority.
Contact information:
  • Address: Str. Hermann Oberth nr. 34 Ghimbav, Brașov, Romania

  • Phone: (+40) 268.475.269

  • E-mail:

  • Website: